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Inspired by the colours palette born from the most fanciful imagination. Specific dyes emerge from freedom, serenity and joy to bring precise light and iridescent effect to the most exclusive skins.




Reddish, yellow, orange... Like the iridescent shadows that shine with the lasts beams of light when the twilight sun reflects on the mountain’s rocks.



Grey, blue and brown... striking colours that we can discover while walking through the most urban spaces, where life and technology actively coexist in an unstoppable research for the future.



Inspired by the most attractive colours of the floral spring, that we can enjoy when we get in touch with the purest and most charming nature.


The exclusivity of the best skins,
quality and reliability throughout
the entire production chain

Animal Welfare
At Goldepele, we exclusively work with the very highest standards of animal welfare.

We guarantee traceability at every stage of the production chain.

Responsible Production
Ours is a 100% European product, from breeding and fattening to slaughtering and tanning. We offer rabbit skins produced exclusively from farms, abattoirs and tanneries that comply strictly with European Union legislation on working conditions, the environment and animal welfare.

Slow Goods
We respect the environment and promote the local economy. The entire process of rearing, fattening, slaughtering and tanning takes place in the immediate area.

Healthy meat
Our product comes from animals bred for the production of high quality meat for human consumption.

Direct from the Breeders
We are rabbit breeders who specialize in the production of extremely high quality skins.

Contact with us

Granges Can Rafel S.L.

Crta. de Vidrà km 5,5
08584 Santa Maria de Besora

Tel. +34 93 852 91 36
Fax.+34 93 852 90 51