The exclusivity of the best rabbit skins,
quality, traceability and reliability throughout
the entire production chain

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Discover the natural colours, delicacy, softness and customised finishes of our rabbit skins which are produced entirely in Europe with full traceability.

We have been breeding rabbits since 1948 and would like to offer the results of our passion and experience: skins of exceptional quality in unique, natural and exclusive colours produced using artisanal, responsible methods that guarantee the optimum levels of welfare for our animals.


The widest range of natural colours in the market

At Goldepele we produce skins from Silky Rex, Exotic Giant and standard rabbits. What differentiates us is that we work with a wide range of natural colours that are unique in the market.

All our varieties can be offered as skins or plates, in standard or special sizes according to the needs of the customer. We can offer skins in their natural colour, dyed, snow top, brisa, metallized or printed. Different kind of finishes include laser or screen printing, tanning, velour finish, different types of Napa works, embossing, etc.

Goldepele has an estimated annual production of:

  • 60,000 Silky Rex skins (more than 12 natural colours)
  • 6,000 Exotic Giant skins (4 natural colours)
  • 600,000 standard rabbit skins (10 natural and semi-natural colours)

We work hand-in-hand with the best costumised finishes companies, adapting to the latest trends for each new season to offer the most fashionable products to all our customers.


Quality and reliability throughout the entire production chain


Animal Welfare

At Goldepele, we exclusively work with the very highest standards of animal welfare.

We follow both in-house and external protocols to ensure the maximum welfare of our rabbits.

Our welfare protocols are much stricter than those applied to the conventional production of rabbit meat.

Our animal welfare protocols meet the demands of our customers and we constantly incorporate contributions from the international scientific community.



We guarantee traceability at every stage of the production chain.

We operate using in-house and external controls to monitor the entire progress of the product: from the farm to the final customer.

True Track skins come with documentation certifying the production process.

We can adapt and customize our controls to meet our customers’ requirements.


Responsible Production

Ours is a 100% European product, from breeding and fattening to slaughtering and tanning. We offer rabbit skins produced exclusively from farms, abattoirs and tanneries that comply strictly with European Union legislation on working conditions, the environment and animal welfare.

Rabbits reared and fattened exclusively at European farms under strict veterinary controls.

Rabbits slaughtered in approved European abattoirs under veterinary supervision.

Rabbit skins tanned using traditional artisan methods subject to European employment and environmental legislation.


Slow Goods

We respect the environment and promote the local economy. The entire process of rearing, fattening, slaughtering and tanning takes place in the immediate area.

  • We put quality before quantity.
  • We devote as much time as is necessary to producing healthy animals and the best skins.
  • We work with local farms to build relationships based on trust.
  • We give work to small producers, tanners and artisan craftspeople.
  • We value skins as a natural resource.

Healthy meat

Our product comes from animals bred for the production of high quality meat for human consumption.

We produce delicious meat with an extremely high nutritional value.

This healthy white meat is ideal for its low-fat, high-protein content.

It comes from animals fed on a balanced vegetable-based diet.


Direct from the Breeders

We are rabbit breeders who specialize in the production of extremely high quality skins.

  • We offer a more direct relationship between the producers and the fashion world.
  • We give designers the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the complete production process behind this top quality product.
  • We can adapt to customers’ needs much faster.
  • We establish a close relationship based on trust with every stakeholder involved in the world of fashion.


Rabbit breeders

Responsible rabbit breeders


RABBIT BREEDERS since 1948, we are European pioneers in this field.

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE PRODUCERS and have embraced new production methods. To assure optimum conditions for animal welfare, we employ different management systems adapted to the different breeds.

WE ARE ARTISANS in the world of rabbit production, specializing in the most sophisticated and exclusive breeds to satisfy the most discerning customers.

EXCELLENCE THROUGH EXPERIENCE. We are extremely proud of our skins and we are passionate about doing a good job. The only way to achieve excellence is through experience and passion.



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